Consulting and Design

//Consulting and Design​

Production experience at the service of design

// Consulting


We assist our customers by providing technical support for design activities and we guide them in choosing the optical solutions to be adopted.

We evaluate the possibility of industrialization of the project and we propose solutions to improve efficiency.

Integrated supply chain

We follow internally all the phases of the realization of our optical components and vision systems, from design to final testing. By maintaining control over all phases of project development, we guarantee the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

System design Approach

The analysis of the customer's request and the definition of specifications are the basis of every project we handle. The overall study and definition of the project allow to find the best solution together with the customer.

System design from idea to product

The engineering and the production process are conceived to optimize the product cost-performance ratio in its single application.
The right product for the specific need is our primary goal.

Optical and mechanical manufacturing

Our in-house equipment allows us to quickly create prototypes, conduct functional analyses and verify project data for robust mass production. Choosing the right technology allows us to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.


We carry out system integration in the cleanroom with skilled personnel and special equipment. We ensure maximum control of operations and repeatability of the process.

System testing and certification

Accurate testing with state-of-the-art instrumentation and extensive data analysis skills to ensure product reliability and high-quality standards for customers.

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