Calibration services

// Calibration services

Optical Calibrations

The internal metrology laboratory is able to offer the measurement service in various fields of the optical world:

  • Flatness and sphericity measurement with optical (up to 15nm) or mechanical (up to 0.1micron) method
  • Focal length measurement
  • Roughness measurement up to 1 Armstrong
  • Transparency and reflection measures
  • Angular measurements and optical centering
//Calibration services

Electrical Calibrations

The Pecchioli Research calibration center is able to perform calibrations, with reference to the International System of Units (SI) or electrical measurements.

The types of instruments we use to work with are:

  • Digital multimeters up to 6 ½ digits
  • Handheld analog multimeters and instruments
  • Ammeters, analogue and digital bench and panel voltmeters
  • Current clamps within 4 kA in direct and alternating current, up to 1 kHz
  • Digital and analog oscilloscopes
  • Tester for insulation, continuity, earth, current and trip times for RCDs
  • DC and AC power supplies
  • Rogowski probes within 4 kA in alternating current and up to 1kHz
  • Shunt up to 1000 A in DC and AC
  • Single-phase and three-phase wattmeters
  • Charge amplifiers and ICP for accelerometers and ICP sensors
  • LCR bridges up to 100kHz
  • Thermometric calibrators
  • Frequency meters
  • Function / signal generators
  • Gaussimeters, continuous and alternating magnetic field meters
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Resistive, inductive and capacitive decades
  • Battery tester (for automotive sector)
  • Current and voltage transformers (CT and VT) for protection and measurement
  • High voltage probes for DC up to 30kV and AC up to 25kV at 50Hz